At Good News Church, we celebrate infant and adult baptism.

Infant baptism is a sacrament celebrated at Good New Church. It provides an opportunity for parents to publicly acknowledge their child’s need for God’s saving grace through the atoning death of Jesus Christ. It is a symbol of the saving power of Christ’s death and resurrection available to the child.

For those who have not been baptized as an infant, when we celebrate their Profession of Faith, they may choose immersion baptism.

When parents choose to have their child baptized they are asked to make a vow before the congregation acknowledging:

  • they believe the Bible to be God’s true word given to us to reveal the story of God’s grace and forgiveness and to guide us in right living.

  • they believe the Gospel of God’s grace as revealed in scripture to be true.

  • their child, like themselves, was born with a sinful nature and is in need of God’s grace in order to receive the promise of eternal life.

  • their intention to instruct their child in God’s Word and in the way of salvation through Jesus Christ; to pray for their child and to teach their child to pray; and to model to their child what it means to follow Christ and to honor God in daily living.

As part of the baptism celebration, the congregation is also asked to covenant together, promising to support these parents as they strive to raise their child in the knowledge of God and His love. They are also asked to commit themselves to being actively involved in the spiritual nurturing of the child as the child is raised within our faith community.

If you would like to learn more about baptizing your child or would like to schedule your child’s baptism contact the church office at 605-361-6718 x10 or